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Giant bags can be in fashion, still carrying a heavy load might truly harm your spine. Below we have listed what sizes, styles and shapes work best and how much weight is not dangerous.

How to carry a bag.
Carrying a bag in the crook of your arm can be a widespread look, however it's mechanically inadequate. You're scrunching your shoulder, causing contraction between shoulder and neck. When you still like carrying your handbag on one shoulder, rotate between left and right sides.

The prime styles.
A packsack with padded straps and a waist belt is optimal, as the weight is allocated in the main onto the hips. At the same time a knapsack isn't for everyone and every day use. Obviously for work you may wish to get something more fitting. Second best for the organism is cross-body padded-strap bag. Third best will be a shoulder bag with a wide padded strap.

The healthy weight.
We recommend that the weight of a haversack when loaded should be under 15 % of your body weight. Accordingly, for a person who is 140 pounds, that's no more than 21 pounds. A hand bag should be five to eight percent of body weight (therefore 6,5 to 10,5 pounds for a 130-pound individual).

The ideal materials.
Nylon or canvas is a better idea than leather because it's notably more lightweight, though even when you fix upon leather, the more considerable detail is to hold the weight close to your body.

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The right hand bag can gloss over your figure and complement your favourite apparel. Thus it is substantial that you select the item that is proper for you.

You may use the Internet to find rioni handbags and anything else you need. Here you can find more about handbags.

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